Prostate and Kidney Cancer Follow-up

Your cancer is finally in remission. But there’s always a chance of a cancer relapse. Cancer follow-up is necessary, but the process is exhausting; countless visits with your doctor that require waiting on the phone, driving to appointments and sitting in offices.

There’s a better way. Our specialists at VirtuCare have years of experience following cancer survivors in everyday practice. From the convenience and comfort of your home, we will order appropriate testing and continue to monitor you closely.

Our annual membership service also insures you have unlimited messaging access to your specialist and discounted follow up visits.

You’ve been through enough. Now let us come to you.

[Disclaimer: Bladder cancer follow-up often requires an office procedure known as a cystoscopy (look inside the bladder with scope) to ensure that the cancer has not returned. We would be happy to connect you with the nearest urologist for this important procedure.]