Telemedicine Urologist

Full-time or Part-time
January 18, 2021

Have you enjoyed working from home during the quarantine?

Are you a busy physician who is also a parent struggling to find that elusive work/life balance? 

Are you considering retirement but know you will miss caring for your patients? 

What if you could continue caring for patients from the comfort of your home while earning more money than in your current practice?

I bet you’re like me and fed up with our healthcare system. Each year we, as physicians, earn less while seeing more patients. We suffer through hours of administrative work and dictations at the end of each exhausting day. Instead of caring for patients, we end up answering to hospital administrators, insurance companies and senior partners, all of whom work less but make a lot more money.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a part-time or full-time urology telemedicine job that would allow you to finally be in control of your career? That job exists.

VirtuCare is an innovative, telemedicine solution that directly connects top specialists like yourself to patients from the comfort of your home. We are seeking passionate experts to join our team.

Imagine having a full clinic of patients with zero overhead. You’ll be documenting in a physician friendly telemedicine EMR only what you think is necessary. No dealing with billing and coding. As a cash-based business model, we have eliminated the middleman so you can focus solely on what matters most, the patient.

Our ideal physician candidates are:

  • Compassionate listeners with an attentive bedside manner.
  • Dedicated to providing top level patient care above all else.
  • Willing to commit at least one half-day and ideally several days towards a telemedicine practice.
  • Ready to accept the challenge to grow with a start-up healthcare company.
  • Licensed in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida (or willing to obtain a license in one of these states).

Interested? Want to learn more? Send us an email:

Get back to focusing on patient care. Let us connect you with the patients who need you most.